surgical services for pets - Countryside Veterinary Clinic

Our expert surgical team can handle even the most difficult veterinary surgeries.

What sets Countryside Veterinary Clinic apart from other veterinary practices? It’s our team of skilled veterinary surgeons that operate on the most difficult of surgeries.
Countryside Veterinary Clinic routinely performs ovariohysterectomies and neuters to prevent reproductive diseases later in life, but we also routinely perform cystotomies, repair of anterior cruciate ruptures, lump removals, splenectomies, exploratories, biopsies and surgical dental extractions to name a few. We also perform surgeries for urethral obstructions, hemorrhagic abdomen, orthopedic fractures, canine bloats and for other emerging or emergency situations.

What happens during my pet’s surgical appointment?

Every surgical case begins with a consultation, complete physical examination, blood work and other ancillary tests if needed. EKG, temperature and pulse are monitored throughout anesthesia and surgery. Our patients are recovered in ICU, receive pain management and are dismissed with complete post-surgical instructions, and dispensed medications and prescription diets if required.

Our team of registered veterinary technicians and surgeons are proud to provide the highest level of care for this critical event in your pet’s life.

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