Microchip for Identification

microchipping for pets - Countryside Veterinary Clinic

If your pet gets lost, a microchip will help them get found.

Microchipping provides lifelong identification for your pet that is safe and as easy as a vaccination.
A microchip is a small, electronic chip enclosed that is about the same size as a grain of rice. It is injected under the skin of your pet using a hypodermic needle. It is no more painful than a typical injection. No surgery or anesthesia is required therefore a microchip can be implanted during a routine veterinary office visit! Each chip has a unique 15 digit number, which is registered with a central microchip company. At Countryside, we use Home Again Chips and scanners. To read the chip, a scanner is passed over the animal and the unique number is displayed on the scanner screen. The animal recovery company is called, the pet is identified and they notify the owner to relay information of their pet’s location and condition.

We recommend that every dog and cat have a microchip to help ensure a safe return in the event that the patient is lost or missing.

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