Annual Wellness Examinations

Countryside Veterinary Clinic advocates annual wellness examinations for all dogs and cats. Please call our office at (410) 461-2400 and our helpful receptionists will schedule an appointment that meets your needs. You may also schedule an on-line wellness exam through our app on the homepage. Please bring all medical records, laboratory results and a fecal sample, if possible.

What does the veterinarian check during my pet’s annual wellness exam?

A complete history will be collected including past and present medical, surgical, dental, behavioral, and nutritional procedures or concerns. A head to tail comprehensive physical exam will be performed. The temperature, pulse, respiration, weight, body condition score, dental score, and microchip data will be recorded.

What kind of routine tests and preventive treatments are offered during my pet’s annual wellness exam?

Vaccinations will be recommended and administered according to your pet’s lifestyle and needs. Blood work for heartworm testing, early detection profiles, and fecal samples for intestinal parasites will be collected. Heartworm preventive, flea and tick control, and intestinal parasite treatment is recommended for ALL dogs in Maryland. Feline patients may also require heartworm preventive, flea and tick control, and fecal testing.

What happens if the veterinarian finds something wrong with my pet?

Your pet’s health will be discussed and diagnostic and treatment plans will be designed for any medical, surgical, dental, behavioral, or nutritional conditions including ocular or ear disease, periodontal disease, cardiac disease, dermatological cases, weight gain or weight loss, change in appetite or water consumption, arthritic or lameness problems, etc.

What kinds of pet health products does Countryside Veterinary Clinic offer?

We select the safest vaccines and preventive health care products. We provide Science Diet foods and Hill’s, Royal Canin and Purina prescription diets. Our waiting room displays veterinarian approved nutritional and joint supplements, and dental care and grooming products. We are happy to discuss any products with you.

Call now to schedule an annual wellness exam for your pet