Illness/Injury Appointments

pet illness and injury appointments - Countryside Veterinary Clinic

If your pet is injured, don’t wait! Call us right away.

In the event that your pet experiences an illness or an injury, please call our office at (410) 461-2400 and our helpful receptionists will schedule an appointment that meets your needs. Please bring any previous records or laboratory results, and any fecal or urine samples that may be appropriate. Sometimes a picture or short video can be helpful.

A complete history will be collected including past and present medical, surgical, dental, behavioral, or nutritional concerns. A comprehensive physical exam will be performed. The temperature, pulse, respiration, weight, body condition score, dental score, and any abnormalities will be recorded.

Additional laboratory testing, blood work, fecals, urinalysis, radiographs, ultrasound, or medical services may be recommended and completed quickly in-house. The diagnostic tests will be evaluated and a diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed.

Your pet may require hospitalization in our intensive care unit. Constant supervision and monitoring is provided for all medical and surgical patients. Owners are encouraged to call and visit.

It is our goal to provide an accurate diagnosis, to begin medical or surgical treatment efficiently and compassionately, to communicate affectively, to deliver state-of-the-art veterinary medicine that is both personable and reliable.

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